There's strength in your numbers
Get the Maximum Profitability out of your Crypto Portfolio
Your trade history can give you key metrics and insights that could boost your trading returns.
We know how hard tracking all your crypto coins and trades is. While there are a few options out there to do so, most are manual and they...well, some spy on you. Coinigence is born out of necessity to automatically track all your coins and trades and gain the necessary insight to boost profitability.
With support for 50 exchanges:
With Coinigence You Will Never Have Inacurate Data Again
In crypto, even small amounts can signify big changes which is why having accurate data is extremely important. Coinigence connects to your exchange account via their API with READ ONLY keys and we sync your entire account history. Once we are fully synced, you get incredibly useful analytics on your balances, trades and more. Also, your coins are 100% safe as we don't accept nor store KEYS that have WITHDRAWAL or TRADE permissions on them to prevent any potential hacks on your exchange account.
Full API Syncronization + CSV Importing & Custom Tools
Still entering trades on your tracking solution manually? Is time we put a stop to that. Coinigence is fully integrated to exchanges via API so you’re always up to date and we offer CSV uploads and Custom Importers so you can get all your past trading history with just a few clicks.
FIFO: First In First Out give you true metrics
Imaging you perform a set of buys on a coin at different prices and in different quantities. Then the right time comes and you do a sell. Do you know the coins you sold at what price you bought them? Calculating the real ROI on that trade is not trivial. Here's where FIFO is incredibly useful: When ever you make a sell, we will check when you bought those coins and calculate your gain / losses based on their true purchase value. You can't get better analytics than this.
The Most Powerful Set of Crypto Analytics Available
All calculated automatically
Aggregated Balances
Once you connect your accounts, we can calculate your totals automatically even if you're not holding your coins in the exchange.
Coin Balances
You'll be able to know your exact balance per coin, even if you're holding your coins in an external wallet.
Fiat Values
Each crypto balance has its fiat counterpart available and updated in real time.
Current Coin Prices
All coins which are in your portfolio will display the latest price directly from the exchange.
Averages Prices
Your current and historic avg. cost price is calculated in real time so you can make better trading decisions.
Coin Gains
Wheter it is your realized gains or your unrealized, you'll know instantly what have your trades done to your bottom line.
ROI on Trades
Calculating ROI on trades is extremely complex because you need to know at what price you got the coins you are selling. Now, you can track this information with ease and in real time!
The big hidden cost for us traders. Is hard knowing how much in fees have we paid over time. With Coinigence, is a breeze.
Your Coins are Always In Your Control
We use “Read Only” API’s
We are fanatical about security and we want to protect your account as it was our own. Which is why we only ask you for a READ ONLY API Key which even in the case of our service getting hacked would only give attackers read only access to your account. This means they wouldn't be able to trade or withdraw from the exchange using your API key shared with Coinigence.
We don’t Store Coins
We only read your trade history and with read only API keys we don't have any capacity to transfer them from the exchange. Your coins remain at the exchanges at all times.
Roberto Gomez
CIO Exodus Capital
“Making trades in several exchanges and moving coins around all the time, accounting for all of it is complex and time consuming. With Coinigence is now monitored and analized automatically every time we do a trade. ”
Roberto Gomez
CIO Exodus Capital
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